KS Numbers Touch Elite

Reviving the good old "touching numbers on the screen" with a new twist

Match options

Match options

You can choose how many numbers you want from 3×3 up to 7×7. On top of that there are two options to adjust the difficulty of the game. Choosing to randomly leave out numbers makes you search for the next highest, instead of just tapping away (Number selection). Choosing to leave touched numbers in place, instead of removing them, makes it more difficult towards the end of the match (Difficulty).

Warm up

Match screen, 3x3

This is an easy one to warm up and get you started.

Where is the 11?

Match screen, 5x5

This one is a bit trickier. Can you spot the next number right away?

What’s after 10 now?

Post match feedback

Now here is one for you. First few numbers are easy. But then what?


Post match feedback

We have always found that simply informing you when you achieved a new highscore just doesn’t cut it. So we decided to go beyond that and let you know how you are doing over time. Immediately see how you improved, whether it’s time to call it a day or just how close you have are to your last best score!

On the left axis you see the time scale, at the bottom from left to right are your played games. The lower the graph goes, the better you are. The gray line is your best score for the match mode! The last few matches, I have been faaaar off…

iPhone and iPad

For iPhone and iPad

We have carefully handpicked sounds to create an engaging atmosphere. If you want to adjust the audible part of the experience though, feel free to do so in the settings. Oh, and its available for iPhone and iPad.

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